It took 38 days.  38 days from packing up in Florida to actual tangible stability.  Our standard is pretty high these days when it comes to quantifying stability.  Finally, it feels like our roller coaster of a year is coming to an end and it got me thinking about timelines.  I suppose timelines could have lots of things as markers, but I like to think of mine in terms of physical moves I have made.  Actual pack everything up,  cancel your power, rent a moving truck moves.  I’ve moved a lot as a grown up.  My family moved once while I was in college but since i didn’t make all the arrangements or even pack up my room, I don’t count that one.  So when I start to organize my years, I start at college graduation.  It was the first time I was making my own BIG decisions like where to live, how to live, what to do job wise.

So I moved, I moved a lot.  I have a one year policy before I started to plan my next move, not consciously, but upon reflection the pattern is pretty obvious.  Every move was for a good reason, most were in hopes of improvement in some form, some worked, some didn’t.  heres a fun list of my relocation adventures.Image

heres to settling down for a change.